Web2 fundamentally changed our lives.

Via Web2 we were given a chance to interact with each other and close distances among us. Web2 essentially allowed us to record our lives on the cloud, and made us live forever in the form of binary code.

Web2 did give us a lot, but it failed at protecting its users. Indeed, the whole web2 ecosystem resulted in profits for a handful of companies, which employ the data acquired not only at their users' expense, but often against them. Thus, a technology that was supposed to set us free, became a mean to exploit us.

It is now the moment of taking back control of the web. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can now redistribute not only data, but power, rights, responsibilities and, ultimately, wealth, in a decentralized manner.

Builders believe in the pledge of blockchain technology, the one of creating a better, disintermediated future, in pursuit of equality.

On such assumptions, the community of 333.Builders was born, with the goal of becoming the main Italian ecosystem and innovation vehicle for web3-related and blockchain-powered projects.

As of today, 333.Builders is the first Italian community of professionals in the web3 ecosystem, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption pace of blockchain technology on a national scale first, and towards a global perspective in a second moment.

We are planning to do so by building a self-sufficient ecosystem for the development, acceleration and funding of web3 solutions, in which professionals, innovative startups, enterprises and investors take part. In 333.Builders everyone can find partners, co-founders, consultancy, finances and valuable feedback. Thus, on top of a decentralized community, projects are born, supported, undertake a due-diligence process and are finally funded.

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